You stand on the edge, one step away. The door is open. She’s here.

You feel her, she embraces you so tight, leaving you breathless, making you forget everything you’ve learned so far. You can’t see her, she’s somewhere behind, playing with you, stripping you down of all the illusions you wrapped your world in. Her dance makes everything around you fade away. She empties your mind, sending even the last of your thoughts over into oblivion.

She takes off your mask, the one you always wear in front of everyone else, so you can now see who you are for real. You can’t hide from her. You can’t escape. You can quit playing her game, but that will mean losing everything that got you through so far. But you’re not the one to quit. You want to keep playing her game, no matter the outcome or how tough the path there. You want to play her to the end, beat her at her own game.

You knew she would be here so you grit your teeth and try to remember what you were taught. Seconds pass, the blood in your veins starts rushing faster and faster, you breathe harder, heart racing like frantic. She feels that and she likes it. Adrenaline kicks in and everything else fades away. You’re alone now, struggling to keep your head cool in front of all this storm she created inside you. She loves to play with your mind. She always does that and she does it very well. She knows you better than anyone else, better than you know yourself. When she comes, she’s never the same and it’s damn hard to resist her.

Seconds are minutes and minutes feel like hours. You stand face to face now and playing her game is harder and harder, but you need to continue, you’re almost there. You want to prove yourself that you’re stronger. You want to find out who you are and what you’re made of. The moment is close, you look her in the eyes now. The pressure is high and she’s stronger than ever.

The green light is on. This is the moment. You can’t go back, you’re beyond the point of no return. You went past your known limits. Nothing else matters now. Adrenaline levels peak, your mind is a storm, the world doesn’t exist anymore. You take the step and plunge into the unknown…

You defeated her.

It all comes back now. The count, the check, orientation, commands, everything flows as instructed. The main parachute is open and everything is ok. You float in gentle swings closer and closer to the ground. She’s gone and it’s only now you begin to feel the tension she left in your body and start smiling and shouting like mad. You won.

She lost…

She… your fear. It was only your fear…

Your fear of the unknown.

Whatever the step you need to take is, stare right into her eyes and do it.

Image source: Pixabay.

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