The 3 C’s of my EDC (EveryDay Carry)

I’m a gear junkie. If you know me well, you’ve figured that out by now. Every detail matters, and I don’t stop until I find that combination of details that works best for me. I spend months researching before buying a piece of gear that I need – a big thumbs up here goes to the idea of minimalism.

I’m also one of those people who have an EDC. If you’re not a geek like me, chances are you haven’t even heard of that acronym before. It stands for EveryDay Carry. It’s usually a small backpack that you carry around with you all the time and has everything you might need for a wide range of situations you encounter during your day. It’s your urban survival kit.

There are all kinds of gear that can comprise a good EveryDay Carry (EDC), depending on what kind of person you are, where you’re going or what you’re doing that day. But despite all the advantages, gear is not enough to make the most of your day. And since you’re not a geek like me, you know that by now.

There’s something else that makes a good day, good. Something that is beyond the things you might carry with you throughout the day. Something that it’s often overlooked in the tumult of our day to day life.

These are three “tools” I try to remember to bring along with me in my EveryDay Carry:

1. Curiosity

First, there’s curiosity, that quality we humans have that makes us want to explore, to know more. It’s what makes you follow that street you’ve never been on when heading back home from work or start a conversation with a total stranger and see where it leads to.

Take chances, explore, peek through that open door and seize the opportunity that arises.

You never know what’s on the other side of curiosity, so try it, it can make your day a lot better. Or a lot worse if you abuse it. Yes, sometimes it can get you in trouble, so exercise a little bit of caution as well.

2. Courage

The second thing I’ve found out to be of importance is courage. A courage to leave your comfort zone for a little while and follow that street you’ve never been on, or start that conversation with the interesting stranger. Who knows where you’re going to end up in three hours? Or how your life will change in the next three months?

Some of the best moments in my life started off like that, with a little shy step out of my comfort zone and into the big scary unknown. And I’m not the only one.

Remember to bring a little bit of courage in your everyday carry. It might lead to the change you wished for in life.

3. Calmness

The third thing I found to be useful while out there exploring the world is calmness. In the middle of a world where everything is happening too fast, calmness is a huge advantage. It gives you back time.

It sounds counter-intuitive, but I’ve found out to be the quality that gives me time to think, to find out what I’m looking for, to better observe, understand and respond to what’s happening around. Well, if I’m not standing in front of a fast moving truck, that is.

So, when life is rushing you and everyone else around like crazy, have the courage to calm down and let your curiosity take care of the rest. Your day might get a lot more interesting.

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