Between departure and arrival

There is a time that no one can take away from you, a time that is only yours, when you’ve got no responsibility, no task to do, no worries to think about and no problems to solve, when all those worldly responsibilities go away. That’s the time when you leave everything aside and enjoy the ride. It’s the time between departure and arrival.

It’s the time you get on a train ride or on a flight somewhere. It’s then when you’re present, when you get to enjoy the fleeting moments that come and go. When you’re a simple passenger with no other responsibility but to watch the world pass in front of your eyes. You’re there, you see it, and in the next moment you’re gone, and you’ve got nothing to do with it, you notice it and leave.

flying away

It’s like a movie. You’re behind a screen, protected from what happens on the other side. It can touch you, but it cannot harm you. You’re only a passenger. From one moment to the other, from that place to the other, from one destination to another. Between departure and arrival.

During that time, the rush of the world stops for a little bit, enough for you to have a few quiet hours, a few moments of silence, a few hours of nothingness. A time to patch up your overwhelmed soul.

Between departure and arrival you’re free. Not in a physical way of course, but in another, one that rests your mind, one that takes it away from the murmur of everyday life. It’s a freedom from inside. A freedom that allows you to dream your wildest dreams without being anchored in reality. You can check with the reality once you get to the destination, but until then, between departure and arrival, you are free.

sunset landing

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